Adam Hasiak
Private Global Aviation Services

For those that demand the best.

Private Global Aviation Services

For those that demand the best.


As a seasoned aviation adviser, I enjoy fostering relationships with my diverse clientele base and catering to their global private aviation requirements.

I’m ALL IN for the individuals that trust my WORD, VISION & HUNGER to deliver exceptional private air travel experiences. I’m ALL IN 24/7 & will outwork anyone in order to keep clients coming back.

 I’m well versed in the global private jet charter marketplace; whether you’re new to private aviation or travel via air charter frequently, I am here to answer any questions you might have.

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Exceptional Customer Experience

I know VIPs need instant support and stakeholders that understand that your time is critical. With my range of advanced proprietary capabilities and global personal connections, I allow the world to be brought to you in an easy and effective communication manor based on my clients specific needs

Leave a Personal Impact

In the fast paced world of business many tend to interact on a transactional bases, however, I take the steps necessary to learn who my clients are, what they enjoy, and more importantly what they expect, so I can curate my service to exceed the demands of my global clientele.

Flexible Doing Business Together

I understand the personal situations of clients and how circumstances arise outside the terms and conditions of a business contract. I understand that relationships matter and I always take on the “lens of the client” in specific matters in order to retain and development long term relationships.

Consistent with Each Flight

Regardless of my client requests I always take the same approach, and that is to provide a seamless and consistent experience thus resulting in an environment that creates client loyalty.

Trusted Solutions

I will not compromise client trust to have our bottom line favored. I provide the highest quality aircraft in the global private air charter marketplace and will never deviate off that core value. My service is truly for the Global VIP that demands the best.

Private Jet Charter Handbook

After a decade of working in the private charter industry, I’ve come across some frequently asked questions. I have developed this handbook to address some of the questions for those who are new to private charter or need further clarification. This guide will layout the benefits of private air charter travel.